Our 33rd year!

March 2017 Edition

2017 Meeting Dates
Date Refreshments Raffle Clinic Show and Tell
1/06/17 HO HO Auto Racks/Intermodal
2/03/17 O O Contest
3/03/17 N N Locomotives
4/07/17 Board (Chili Dinner) General Fund Tank Cars
5/05/17 HO HO Passengers
6/02/17 Board (Pizza) General Fund HO Models of Toledo
07/07/17 O O O Red/White/Blue Trains
08/04/17 Board (Ice Cream) General Fund N Hoppers
09/01/17 N N Steel Industrial Coil/Gondolas
10/06/17 HO HO Halloween
11/03/17 O O Bay Window Caboose
12/01/17 N N Christmas Exchange Christmas

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:03pm, 03/03/17

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Ed made the motion, seconded by Kelso. The motion passed.

Treasurer's report:
Andi gave the Treasurer's report.

Motion to accept:
Andy made the motion, Nick seconded. The motion passed.

Secretary's report:
Nothing to report.

Vice President's Report:
Cody discussed the clinic that he will be running, he's still looking for people to sign up. Show and Tell tonight is favorite locomotives. Next month is our annual chili dinner. Social media accounts are seeing a consistent increase in membership.

President's report:
KC discussed the annual chili dinner next month, there is no fee. Families with last names starting with A-L are to bring desserts and M-Z are to bring salad/chips; please make sure to bring in a dish to share. The Club provides the chili and pop, if you want something else to drink please bring it in. The dinner will be held at the fire station as usual, do not park in the fire station's parking lot (use the lot next door). Dinner starts at 6pm, the meeting will be held at 7pm. KC then discussed the roster adjustment sheets. There will be a coloring contest held for the kids at the chili dinner next month, the coloring handouts are available at the officer's desk. The club letterhead has been finalized and will now be used at the top of all official club communications. KC presented the certificates from last month's contest: Brody Waugh 3rd place, Brayden 2nd place tie, Ed Snyder 2nd place tie, Cody Wittenmyer 2nd place tie, Duane Topel 1st place.

Committee reports:
Public Relations- Cody touched on this during the Vice President's report.

HO Division Report by Andi Echler:
Andi discussed HO's upcoming shows.

Planned Shows:

April 2nd- Monpelier Show, the show runs 10am to 4pm.

May 6th- National Train Day, the show runs 9:30am to 4pm. Setup is on Friday, May 5th after 9am.

O Division Report by Cody:
Duane discussed the upcoming shows.

Planned Shows:

May 6th- National Train Day, the show runs 9:30am to 4pm. Setup is on Friday, May 5th after 9am.

October 7th and 8th- Sauder Village, details to follow.

December 2nd through December 10th- Holidays at the Manor House, Setup is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 17th through 19th. Teardown is December 13th and 14th.

November 17th through December 31st- The Lights Before Christmas (unconfirmed)

N Division Report by Terry:
Terry discussed the upcoming Montpelier show.

Planned Shows:

April 2nd- Monpelier Show, the show runs 10am to 4pm.

May 6th- National Train Day, the show runs 9:30am to 4pm. Setup is on Friday, May 5th after 9am.

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Kelso made the motion, Nicholas seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
KC discussed the progress on the bylaws updates.

New Business:
Cody brought in flyers for the Montpelier show.

Good of the Club:
The raffle this month is for N division.

Show & Tell:
KC Wittenmyer brought in Chessie system Switchers along with a “Slug” unit that he custom built and paint for the Chessie system. A Chessie system SD50 and GP30M for his caboose train. A couple Chessie system U Boats for assorted trains. The famous Chessie system GM50 painted in gold, celebrating General Motors 50th anniversary into the Locomotive building era. He also brought in a Chessie system SD40-2 and a custom built GP9B unit (Chessie never actually had any B Units of this nature) From his private railroad, a subsidiary of his Golden Eagle and Freedom Valley, a nit paint for the Wauseon Northern, done up by Cody Wittenmyer. And last but not least, a favorite, the Hershey candy locomotive.

Cody Wittenmyer brought in Erie Triplex number 5016 which is a 2-8-8-8-2 wheel configuration. L&N B23-7 and L&N SD40-2 in the Family Lines paint scheme. A CSX GP40 Mobile Division, Operation Redblock. RF&P GP40-2. Western Maryland SD35 (Circus Scheme).

Jim Etchie brought in 2 Nickel Plate PA's , General Electric BHP Iron Ore AC6000.

Brody Waugh brought in Norfolk Southern Virginia, Jersey Central and the Erie Lackawanna units. DCC and Sound.

Kurt Brown brought in C&O MTH 2-6-6-6 Allegheny.

Duane Topel brought in MTH NYC P2 box cab electric.

Danny Duvendack brought in Lionel 911 first responder.

Don Dine brought in Baltimore F3 ABA from Lionel unit set up. Steam turbine # 681 (6-8-6).

Kelso Barber brought in HO 2-6-6-4 number 1240.

Brayden brought in a HO F7A Star wars locomotive.

Nicklaus Heban brought in a Lionel Southern Pacific Daylight, #4443.

Meeting adjourned:
8:51 pm, 3/03/17

Our Next Meeting will be: The Chili Dinner on April 7th, Dinner starts at 6pm, the meeting starts around 7pm. See the President's Report for more info.

Location: Swanton Fire Station
432 Church St, Swanton, OH 43558

(click here for Google map verion and directions)

Show and Tell: Tank Cars