Our 33rd year!

January 2017 Edition

2017 Meeting Dates
Date Refreshments Raffle Clinic Show and Tell
1/06/17 HO HO Auto Racks/Intermodal
2/03/17 O O Contest
3/03/17 N N Locomotives
4/07/17 Board (Chili Dinner) General Fund Tank Cars
5/05/17 HO HO Passengers
6/02/17 Board (Pizza) General Fund HO Models of Toledo
07/07/17 O O O Red/White/Blue Trains
08/04/17 Board (Ice Cream) General Fund N Hoppers
09/01/17 N N Steel Industrial Coil/Gondolas
10/06/17 HO HO Halloween
11/03/17 O O Bay Window Caboose
12/01/17 N N Christmas Exchange Christmas

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:07pm, 01/06/17

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Dan made the motion, seconded by Andy. The motion passed.

Treasurer's report:
Andi gave the Treasurer's report.

Motion to accept:
KC made the motion, Dan seconded. The motion passed.

Secretary's report:
Nothing to report.

Vice President's Report:
Cody discussed the February contest, which will be Dioramas and models that are not train related. February will be our 34th anniversary! No 50/50 raffle this month. The Steam Locomotive contest results: Third – Jon Hartgrove, Third – Kelly Barber, Second – Nicholas Heban, First – Dennis Heban.

President's report:
KC discussed that we won second place in the Swanton Christmas Parade. As an FYI, in the 2017 Bylaws update there will be a clause stating that we are not to dispense club business cards unless it is approved by the club officers and/or your division superintendent.

Committee reports:
Programs – Clinic signups are still open.

HO Division Report by Andi Echler:
Andi stated that H/O is pretty quiet right now while we are recuperating from the holiday shows. The Montpelier show has been confirmed.

Planned Shows:

April 2nd – Monpelier Show (Times TBA)

O Division Report by Cody:
Larry discussed that the Manor House show went very well, with over 21,000 attendants. The Toledo Zoo display went well even though attendance was down and despite encountering several technical difficulties. Setup and tear down went smoothly. O Division is now entering their early year hibernation period.

Planned Shows:

None at this time.

N Division Report by Cody:
Cody confirmed the Montpelier show. N Division has nothing else planned until at least March.

Planned Shows:

April 2nd – Monpelier Show (Times TBA)

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Nicholas made the motion, Terry seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
Duane brought in the information for the donated Christmas Sweater that was raffled off last month, it was donated by Vickie Halsey of Swanton.

New Business:
Information and order forms are available for ordering club shirts. Also, if anyone has any information in regards to the whereabouts of member Denne Pease please let an officer know.

Good of the Club:
No raffle this month. Devan discussed how Prints Charming Graphix can use sublimation printing to create club themed items. Please see the Important Notes section for their contact information.

Show & Tell:
KC brought in an Ohio State doublestack. Cody brought in a set of five CSI doublestacks as well as a CSX Engine that he has custom detailed. Duane brought in one of the original American Flyer Auto Loader Unloaders, which dates back to the 1950's. Nicholas brought in a Union Pacific Auto Carrier from Lionel. Larry brought in four intermodals from various manufacturers.

Meeting adjourned:
8:54 pm, 1/06/16

Our Next Meeting will be: February 3rd, 8:00pm

Location: The Swanton Council Room

Show and Tell: Dioramas and models that are not train related.

Please keep in mind that the winter meetings will be canceled if there is a level 2 or higher snow emergency declared.

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