Our 33rd year!

October 2016 Edition

2016 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
10/07/16 O
11/04/16 N
12/02/16 General

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:08pm, 10/07/16

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Gus made the motion, seconded by Terry. The motion passed.

Treasurer's report:
Andi gave the Treasurer's report.

Secretary's report:
Nothing to report.

Vice President's Report:
Cody was absent. The Steam Locomotive contest will be next month.

President's report:
We have been invited to Garret Johnson's house to see his setup on 10/08/2016.

Motion to accept the Officer's Reports:
Ed made the motion, Cody seconded it, the motion was approved.

Committee reports:
No committee reports this month.

HO Division Report by KC and Cody Wittenmyer:
Michelle discussed the Firelands and Sauder Village show, everything went well.

Upcoming Shows:

12/03/16- Christmas in Swanton
12/10/16- Fulton County Foster Kids Show at St. Richards (CLOSED SHOW)

O Division Report by Larry Welch:
Larry received a phone call from the Toledo Zoo, we will be in the same place that we've been during the last two years; this will reportedly be the last time we will be in that location because they plan on placing us in the same location as Santa in the future (the location of which is unknown at this time due to a planned remodel of the Museum building). Ray Romstadt is recovering from his recent back surgery. The Fulton County Fair and Sauder Village shows went well.

Upcoming Shows:

11/19 to 12/31- The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo; setup will be on Sunday, 11/13.
12/03 to 12/11- The Manor House; setup will be on 11/19 & 11/20. Tear-down will be on Tuesday, 12/13.

N Division Report by Ed Snyder:
New power supplies have been purchased. Tim is considering stepping down as the N-Scale Superintendent.

Upcoming Shows:

12/3/16- Christmas in Swanton
12/10/16- Fulton County Kids Show at St. Richards (CLOSED SHOW)

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Tim made the motion, Terry seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
The name of the company that produces our branded clothing has changed, Ed will be sending out details next month.

New Business:
The proposed 2017 meeting dates have been established, the proposed calendar will be in the next Dispatcher to be ratified in the December meeting.

Good of the Club:
The raffle was for O Division.

Show & Tell:
Danny brought in a Montana Railway Locomotive.

Meeting adjourned:
8:42pm, 10/07/16

Our Next Meeting will be: November 4th, 8:00pm

Location: Swanton Community Room

Show and Tell: Railroad Memorabilia

Important notes

The Steam Locomotive Contest is going to be held at our next meeting.

Please see the following page for the proposed 2017 meeting schedule which will be voted on during the November meeting.

Dates Refreshments Raffle Clinic Show & Tell
01/06 HO HO Auto Racks / Intermodal
02/03 O O Contest
03/03 N N Locomotives
04/07 Board (Chili) General Fund Tank Cars
05/05 HO HO Passengers
06/02 Board (Pizza) General Fund HO Models of Toledo
07/07 O O O Red, White, & Blue Trains
08/04 Board (Ice Cream) General Fund N Hoppers
09/01 N N Steel Industrial Coil/Gondolas
10/06 HO HO Halloween
11/03 O O Bay Window Caboose
12/01 N N Christmas Exchange Christmas Themed