Our 33rd year!

September 2016 Edition

2016 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
9/02/16 HO
10/07/16 O
11/04/16 N
12/02/16 General

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:03pm, 09/02/16

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
No report due to computer issues, so nothing to accept.

Treasurer's report:
Andi gave the Treasurer's report.

Secretary's report:
Nothing to report.

Vice President's Report:
Cody brought a clinic sign up sheet so that folks can sign up to run a clinic.

President's report:
Business cards will be updated soon. KC thanked Michelle for her work on the Corn Festival, which went very well.

Motion to accept the Officer's Reports:
Ed made the motion, Cody seconded it, the motion was approved.

Committee reports:
No committee reports.

HO Division Report by KC and Cody Wittenmyer:
Michelle discussed the upcoming Firelands show.

Upcoming Shows:

9/17/16- Firelands
10/1/16 to 10/2/16- Sauder Village

O Division Report by Larry Welch:
Larry discussed the Henry County Fair. Setup and tear down went well. Larry got in touch with Mary Ann from the Manor House, there is a meeting later on this month for the decorators. Larry then discussed the setup for the Sauder Village show in October. Setup can be done on Friday, September 30th; a new show chairman will need to be chosen to coordinate everything since Larry is unable to at this time.

Upcoming Shows:

9/02 to 9/08- Fulton County Fair
10/1 to 10/2- Sauder Village
11/11 to 12/31- The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo
12/03 to 12/11- The Manor House

N Division Report by Ed Snyder:
N Division is committed to doing the Christmas in Swanton and the Fulton County Kids shows.

Upcoming Shows:

12/3/16- Christmas in Swanton
12/10/16- Fulton County Kids Show at St. Richards (CLOSED SHOW)

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Ed made the motion, Michelle seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
KC and Michelle discussed the Corn Festival and how things went.

New Business:

Good of the Club:
No raffle this month.

Show & Tell:
Cody brought in a BNSF Gondola with a wheel load and a B&O Gondola carrying assorted parts, both that he had weathered himself. Tim brought in some information on a New York Central RDC that had two B36 bomber jet engines mounted on top which was used to test the tracks in our area to see if they were suitable for high speed travel. Lionel manufactures an engine that replicates it. Jon brought in a blacksmiths car and a crane car.

Meeting adjourned:
8:42pm, 09/02/16

Our Next Meeting will be: October 7th, 8:00pm

Location: Swanton Community Room

Show and Tell: Railroad Memorabilia

Important notes

The Steam Locomotive Contest is going to be held at our next meeting. (Edit: This has been rescheduled for the November meeting.)