Our 33rd year!

June 2016 Edition

2016 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
7/01/16 N
8/05/16 General
9/02/16 HO
10/07/16 O
11/04/16 N
12/02/16 General

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:01pm, 6/03/16

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Ed made the motion, Tim seconded, the motion was approved.

Treasurer's report:
Tim gave the Treasurer's report.

Secretary's report:
John shared with the club an email that we received from Conetta Harkness.

Vice President's Report:
Dan thanked the club for his run as an officer.

President's report:
Don had nothing to report.

Motion to accept the Officer's Reports:
Tim made the motion, Michelle seconded it, the motion was approved.

Committee reports:
Public Relations: The library always displays several model train related magazines which our club covers the subscription cost for ($85.90 to renew this year). Tim made the motion to renew them, Dan seconded it, the motion passed. Ed also discussed a notification that he sent to Ms. Hoelzle thanking her for the usage of the Swanton community room and asking her to correct our contact information that is listed on the Swanton Village website.

Memorial Committee: Larry reports that the only names on the Memorial bench are those that were put on it when the bench was first dedicated, it has not been updated.

HO Division Report by KC and Cody Wittenmyer:
Cody had nothing to report.

Upcoming Shows:

7/23/16- St. Stevens Church

O Division Report by Larry Welch:
Larry congratulated Cody for graduating from High School. The O Division fire extinguishers are now up to date. Larry then discussed the upcoming Sauder Village show.

Upcoming Shows:

8/11 to 8/18- Henry County Fair
9/02 to 9/08- Fulton County Fair
10/1 to 10/2- Sauder Village
11/11 to 12/31- The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo
12/03 to 12/11- The Manor House

N Division Report by Tim Gray:
Tim discussed setting up the N-scale center table at St Willards.

Upcoming Shows:

7/23/16- St. Stevens Show

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Jerry made the motion, Andi seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
Larry brought up an amusing story of having to move the old O-scale layout at the Fulton County Fair.

New Business:
Michelle emailed several local newspapers our club information. She also got in contact with the Swanton Cornfest in an effort to generate more traffic for the club. A motion to determine whether or not we will participate will need to happen next month.

Becky announced that Cody's graduation party is next Saturday (June 11th) at Reighard Park at 1pm. All club members are invited.

Officer Elections were this month. As a reminder the officer nominations from last month are as follows:

President: KC Wittenmyer, Don Dine
Vice President: Cody Wittenmyer
Treasurer: Andi Echler
Secretary: John Ducat

The elected officers are as follows:

President: KC Wittenmyer
Vice President: Cody Wittenmyer
Treasurer: Andi Echler
Secretary: John Ducat

Good of the Club:
The raffle was for the O Division this month.

Show & Tell:
Cody brought in some Disney themed buildings and accessories.

Meeting adjourned:
8:46 pm, 6/03/16

Our Next Meeting will be: July 1st at 8:00pm

Location: Swanton Community Room

Show and Tell: Passenger Cars

Important notes

If you haven't paid them already dues were officially due in June.