Our 33rd year!

February 2016 Edition

2016 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
1/08/16 HO
2/05/16 O
3/04/16 N
4/01/16 General
5/06/16 HO
6/03/16 Pizza Dinner/ Yearly Dues are due O

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:01pm, 2/05/16

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Chris E. made the motion, Jim J. seconded, the motion was approved.

Treasurer's report:
Tim gave the Treasurer's report.

Secretary's report:
John discussed the email that we received via the website.

Vice President's Report:
The raffle is for O Division this month.

President's report:
Don brought in some fliers and catalogs.

Motion to accept the Officer's Reports:
Jon H. made the motion, Terry M. seconded it, the motion was approved.

Committee reports:
No committee reports this month.

HO Division Report by KC Wittenmyer:
KC wished the club a happy 33rd birthday. Rick from Firelands is excited for the show on April 30th. Work sessions are still being held at Andi's.

Upcoming Shows:

4/30- Firelands Show
5/07- National Train Day

O Division Report by Larry Welch:
O Division is on hiatus until National Train Day.

Upcoming Shows:

May- Amtrak Days
8/11-8/18- Henry County Fair
9/02-9/08- Fulton County Fair
???- Sauder Village
11/11-12/31- The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo
12/03-12/11- The Manor House

N Division Report by Tim Gray:
Tim thanked the Knights of Columbus of Swanton. Tim has also isolated the issue with the N Division transformer and will continue to work on it. Tim has found a trailer, the details of that discussion can be found under New Business this month. Bruce's family wanted to thank everyone for the flowers that were sent.

Upcoming Shows:

3/03/16- Toledo Trainmaster Show
5/07/16- National Train Day

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Jon made the motion, Diane seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
No old or unfinished business.

New Business:
Tim brought up that the trailer that N Division is looking to purchase will cost approximately $1400 + $100 for taxes and fees. Tim inquired if the O Division members are willing to loan the money to N Division to purchase the trailer, under the agreement that Tim is to pay the loan back in monthly installments himself (he estimated $50 to $100 per month). Several members were concerned about making sure that the trailer be insured against damage and theft, which Tim agreed to look in to. Tim will be working with Ed to get a contract drawn up that basically says that the trailer would become the property of the O Division if Tim failed to make the required payments. Members were receptive to the idea of loaning N Division the funds. Dan mentioned that Larry had spoken with him about this already and that he will go along with whatever the Division members decide.

The meeting was paused for about 15 minutes so that the O Division members could discuss, it was called back to order at 8:45 pm.

The O Division members voted to approve the loan as discussed. Duane Topel made a motion that O Division lend the funds with the stipulation that only $500 be paid for to hold the trailer prior to the contract from Ed being written and agreed to. Jim Johnson seconded the motion. The motion was approved. The contract details will need to be discussed at the next meeting.

In other news, Randy and Lisa Ramsey are still looking for volunteers to assist with their show.

Good of the Club:
The raffle was for the O Fund this month.

Show & Tell:
Show and Tell this month featured Favorite Accessories. Don brought in two, a Lionel Hellgate Bridge and a Lionel B/O Tugboat. Cody brought in one of the stations that he is working on for one of the new corner modules. Kris brought in his Tyco Crossing Gate. Jon H. brought in a pocketwatch that was modeled after a watch from a Jesse James train robbery as well as a set of New York Central cufflinks. Duane brought in an American Flyer handcar and a crossing signal.

Meeting adjourned:
9:04pm, 2/05/16

Our Next Meeting will be: March 4, 2016

The Meeting will be canceled if there is a level 2 snow emergency, we will post on the Facebook group and our website if the meeting is to be canceled.

Location: The Swanton Community Room

Show and Tell: Engines