Our 32nd year!

August 2015 Edition

2015 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
8/07/15 General
9/04/15 HO
10/02/15 O
11/06/15 N
12/04/15 General

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:02 pm, 08/07/2015

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Ed made the motion, Jim Etchie seconded, the motion was approved.

Treasurer's report:
Tim gave the Treasurer's report. As a reminder, dues are due.

Vice President's Report:
The raffle was for the club in general.

President's report:
Don brought up for discussion the issue of snacks being provided for the meetings. An unofficial poll of the members revealed that they do not wish to change anything in regards to how the snacks are handled at this time.

Secretary's report:
Nothing to report.

Motion to accept the Officer's Reports:
Motion was made by Ed, seconded by Bruce. The motion was approved.

Committee reports:
KC discussed defining who the members of the Advisory Committee actually are; currently they are Ed Snyder, Bruce Birkenkamp, Tim Gray, and he wasn't sure who the fourth member is (Tom Coleman is the likely candidate but he is no longer a member). Then KC brought up that the Memorial Committee is technically defunct since it wasn't renewed. We do not have a Memorial Committee at this time. KC mentioned that it might be a good idea if the Secretary creates a yearly summary of what was discussed in the meetings (specifically motions and whatnot that were voted on).

HO Division Report by KC Wittenmyer:
HO Division had a great run at St. Stephens this year, with the show extending its hours until 5 pm. They have been invited back again next year. The frames for two new corner modules have been built and painted. Jon Hartgrove mentioned that he has been working on an 8' shunting yard that should be ready to run soon as an interactive piece.

Upcoming Shows:

09/12- Willard
09/19- Firelands in Mansfield
12/05- Santa in Swanton
12/12- Foster Kids

O Division Report by Larry Welch:

Henry Pelton left a message for Larry stating that he has been sent to St. Lukes and that he would miss this month's meeting and possibly the show next week (Henry County Fair). Larry also mentioned that there is some track (of various gauges) up for grabs and to see him for details.

Upcoming Shows:

08/14 through 08/20- The Henry County Fair (setup starts on 08/09, 2 pm)
09/04 through 09/10- The Fulton County Fair (setup is anticipated to be on Tuesday 09/01, starting at either 1 pm or 2 pm)
10/01- Sauder Village
11/13 through 01/03- The Lights Before Christmas (still unconfirmed)
12/05 through 12/13- Holidays in the Manor House

N Division Report by Tim Gray:
Tim brought up that the tongue of the trailer has started to break; he will have it checked before the Willard show on 09/12.

Upcoming Shows:

09/12- Willard
09/26- South Toledo Neighbor Center
12/05- Santa in Swanton
12/12- Foster Kids

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
The motion was made by Ed, Andy seconded it. The motion was approved.

Old or unfinished Business:
Larry wanted to know what the status on the memorial bench was, KC informed him that he was still looking into it.

New Business:
Diane brought up that the Alan County Fair has expressed interest in having us attend. KC mentioned that we have attended in the past and that there were issues with how uneven the floor was. Diane also mentioned that someone has expressed an interest in making a donation in Ron's name and if we could send them back a receipt; we can. Ed brought up that there is a group that is interested in having a static display of rolling stock that is New York Central or Lake Shore themed for a historic display. Set up would be at 6 pm, the display would last until 8 pm. Larry thinks that we should send a get well card to Henry, we sent a card around to get it signed.

Good of the Club:
The raffle was for the general club.

Show & Tell:
Nothing official but Don brought in a couple of nice buildings from Menards, a hobby shop and the Dakota Cabinet Factory. A blue and yellow CSX engine was brought in with an orange Amtrak car attached by Danny.

Meeting adjourned:
9:03 pm, 8/07/2015

Our Next Meeting will be: September 4th, 2015

Location: The Swanton Community Room

Show and Tell: None

Reminder: Dues are due!