Our 32nd year!

April 2015 Edition

2015 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
4/10/15 Annual Chili Dinner General
5/01/15 HO
6/05/15 Pizza Dinner O

Meeting Called to Order at:
7:34 PM, 4/10/2015

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
No Dispatcher to accept as the Secretary was unable to attend the previous meeting and the meeting lacked enough officers in attendance to be considered official.

Treasurer's report:
Ron submitted the Treasurer's report for March.

Vice President's Report:
Nothing to report.

President's report:
Don is asking for all of the Division Superintendents to submit an up-to-date physical inventory. Don mentioned that Larry had some concerns about how we should be handling requests for our members names and addresses, which sparked a long debate involving many of the present members. It was decided that we need to know why the requester is requesting the information before we can consider whether or not to release it. As a general rule we will not release any information to anyone unless it is for liability purposes. Don suggested that we discuss this again in the next meeting to address everyone's concerns. Don also brought in a catalog for everyone to look through.

Secretary's report:
John will be catching up on the Dispatcher before the meeting next month.

Motion to accept the Officer's Reports:
KC made, Jon seconded. Motion passed.

Public Relations report:
Ron brought up that Wendy's will no longer provide us with the chili for the annual chili dinner, with that being the case Gretchen made the chili this year. Gretchen and Ron announced that they are officially retiring from making food for the chili dinner and are suggesting that we no longer have the annual chili dinner, pushing the potluck part of it to coincide with the pizza dinner in June which would become the official annual "family" dinner. Ed thanked Gretchen and Ron for continuing to do this for as long as they have, and that he agreed that the June meeting would be best for the pizza/potluck dinner. Gretchen made a motion to discontinue the chili dinner and to make the June dinner the pizza/potluck family dinner. Ed proposed an amendment to the motion stating that there should be no charge to our members for tonight's dinner and that the General fund should absorb the cost. KC seconded both the motion and the amendment. Motion and amendment passed. Ed made a motion that the pizza dinner should have a $5 charge for adults and that kids would eat free. Ron seconded the motion. That motion passed as well.

HO Division Report by KC Wittenmyer:
KC announced that he now officially owns the HO trailer. Cody has been working tirelessly on improving the HO layout. St. Richards has awarded the HO division a certificate of appreciation.

Upcoming Shows:

07/25- St. Stevens on Dorr Street
09/12- Willard
12/05- Santa in Swanton

O Division Report by Larry Welch:
Upcoming Shows:

05/02- National Train Day
08/14 through 08/20- The Henry County Fair
09/04 through 09/10- The Fulton County Fair (unconfirmed)
10/01- Sauder Village (unconfirmed)
11/13 through 01/03- The Lights Before Christmas (unconfirmed)
12/05 through 12/13- Holidays in the Manor House

N Division Report by Tim Gray:
Tim left before he could make his report so Ed made it for him. Minor repairs to the layout power supply. Bruce is out of the hospital and is doing better.

Upcoming Shows:

07/25- St. Stevens on Dorr Street
09/12- Willard
12/05- Santa in Swanton

Motion to accept the Division Reports:
Ed made the motion, Jim seconded. Motion passed.

Old or unfinished Business:

New Business:
Jon Hartgrove knows a man that is getting out of the hobby and is intending to sell his entire collection, which spans O, HO, and N gauge. Please contact Jon for more information. John Ducat shared the recent emails from the website.

Good of the Club:
The raffle is for the General fund.

Show & Tell:
Don brought in a Menard's Gold Line Collection Camo Tank car.

Meeting adjourned:
8:54 PM, 4/10/2015

As a reminder, the Bylaws are available on the website.

Our Next Meeting will be: May 1, 2015

Location: The Swanton Community Room

Show and Tell: None