Our 31st year!

August 2014 Edition

2014 Meeting Dates 50/50 Drawing
9/5/14 Labor Day on the 1st Theme: Favorite Locomotive O
10/10/14 10/3 is Sauders set up N
11/7/14 HO
12/5/14 O

Meeting Called to Order at:
8:05 PM

Motion to accept the Secretary's report (Dispatcher) from last month:
Motion made by KC, seconded by Bruce.

Treasurer's report:
Ron read the reports from the last few months to cover what was missed previously. Motion to accept the reports made by Jerry, seconded by Diane.

Vice President's Report:
Nothing to report other than that tonight the 50/50 is for HO.

President's report:

Public Relations report:
Diane Ducat is still working on redesigning the website.

HO Division Report by KC Wittenmyer:

Planned Shows:
09/13- Willard. Setup is on 09/12, the HO trailer will be leaving Wauseon before 2 PM. The modules must be on legs before that night's football game. The show's hours are unknown at this time.
10/03- Setup for Sauder Village in Archbold, OH. Regular run-times.
10/11- Spencer Township. (Setup date/time pending.)
12/06- Santa in Swanton, located at SHS. Setup will be on 12/05. The show runs from 10 AM to 4 PM.

O Division Report by Larry Welch:
Duane Topel is now retired.

Planned Shows:
10/04 to 10/05- Sauder Village.
12/06 to 12/14- The Manor House. Setup days are 11/30 through 12/02.
And the Toledo Zoo, none of which has been finalized yet.

N Division Report by Tim Gray:
Bruce said that their most recent show had a good turnout. Tim sent in a report stating that the N Division is taking a break until Sauder Village.

Planned Shows:
10/03- Setup for Sauder Village, regular run times.
10/11- Spencer Township. (Setup date/time pending)
12/??- Christmas in Swanton
12/??- St. Richards

Division Reports Accepted?
Motion made by Jerry, seconded by Jon.

Old or unfinished Business:

New Business:
In past years we purchased a subscription of Model Railroader for the library. Gretchen made the motion to continue buying it, Jim Etchie seconded.

Good of the Club:
Tonight's 50/50 drawing is for HO scale.

Show & Tell:
This month's theme was Cabooses. Don Dine brought in several nice cabooses. KC brought in a large variety (over 40 different cabooses), and Cody brought in some that he had been detailing and working on. Devon brought one in that he got for Christmas that also came with a matching boxcar. Jon brought in the piece that he has been working on as well, this is the same unit that he has posted pictures of on our Facebook group. Bruce brought in a layout camera that can be pushed along a track and explained how it worked. Next month's theme is Favorite Locomotive.

Meeting adjourned:
8:35 PM.

Next Meeting will be: September 5, 2014.

Location: The Swanton Community Room.