Written by: Cody Wittenmyer

June 2016 Edition

Seaboard Coast Line

Dates of Operation: 1967-1983 (16 years)

The Seaboard Coast Line (Reporting Marks: SCL) was a former class I railroad and was the successor to both the Atlantic Coast Line (ACL, see April's Issue) and the Seaboard Air Line (SAL, see May's Issue). It was the predecessor to the railroad known as "SCL/L&N" or the "Family Lines System". The SCL/L&N railroad renamed itself as "Seaboard System" which merged with "Chessie System" in the forming of CSX Transportation. In 1971, passenger operations were taken over by Amtrak. The SCL ran many passenger trains prior to Amtrak.

The Tropicana Juice Train-
SCL was the more popular railroad which ran the "Juice Train". (However I don't know if it was the most popular.) The train ran from Bradenton, Florida to Kearny, New Jersey. CSX has since taken over these operations.

SCL Slogans-
  • We're Pulling For You
  • Pulling For You
  • Service Customers Like
  • Smooth Cushioned Load
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Being that Seaboard Coast Line was a shorter-lived railroad, I could not find much of the history on it. Here are some more links:



Pictures of the Seaboard Coast Line- (All pictures from railpictures.net; I do not take ownership for any.)