Written by: Cody Wittenmyer

May 2016 Edition

Seaboard Air Line

Dates of Operation: 1900-1967 (67 years)

The Seaboard Air Line Railroad (Reporting Marks: SAL), was merged with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, its longtime rival, to form the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, in 1967. It was then merged into SCL/L&N. SCL/L&N (Family Lines System) became Seaboard System, which merged with Chessie System in the creation of CSX.

Seaboard Air Line was dated back to the late 1800's when its first name was Seaboard & Roanoke. It would eventually be the successor to many other railroads, some of which included the Georgia & Alabama railway, Florida Central & Peninsular railroad, and the Georgia, Carolina, & Northern railroad. Being that many other short-lines had been consumed by Seaboard, in 1900, it was completely organized under one name: Seaboard Air Line. Seaboard often paralleled the Atlantic Coast Line, and was a fierce competitor because of this, the two merged in 1967 as Seaboard Coast Line.

Seaboard Air Line Roster-

SAL Slogans-
  • "Route of the Silver Meteor."
  • "Through the heart of the South." (Most common)
  • "The route of courteous service."
  • "The progressive railway of the South."
Unlike most railroads, Seaboard Air Line was one of the only Class I railroads to name their freight trains, as well as their passenger trains. Some of their freight trains included: The Capital, Merchandiser, & Pioneer.

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