Written by: Cody Wittenmyer

February 2016 Edition

Louisville & Nashville Railroad

Dates of Operation: 1850-1982 (132 years)

The Louisville & Nashville Railroad, (Reporting Marks L&N) was the successor to the Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railroad (See January's edition), and the predecessor to the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad (Reporting Marks SCL). The merged company was known as "SCL/L&N", or what became the "Family Lines System." During the next few years, several smaller acquisitions had joined in the forming of the "Seaboard System" railroad. Yet, more consolidation was ahead. In 1986, the Seaboard System merged with the Chessie System, forming what is now modern-day CSX Transportation.

Chartered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1850, the road grew into one of the great success stories of American business. Operating under one name continuously for 132 years, it survived civil war and economic depression and several waves of social and technological change. Under Milton H. Smith, president of the company for thirty years, the L&N grew from a road with less than three hundred miles of track to a 6,000-mile system serving thirteen states. As one of the premier Southern railroads, the L&N extended its reach far beyond its namesake cities, stretching to St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, and New Orleans. The railroad was economically strong throughout its lifetime, operating both freight and passenger trains in a manner that earned it the nickname, "The Old Reliable." (Paragraph taken from wikipedia.)

Locomotive Roster
Rolling Stock

Louisville & Nashville Passenger Trains- Operated all of N.C.&St.L.'s "Dixie" passenger trains. (See January's edition.)
  • Azalean (Cincinnati-New Orleans)
  • Flamingo (Cincinnati-Jacksonville)
  • Georgian (Originally St. Louis-Atlanta, later changed to Chicago-Atlanta in conjunction with the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad and the Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway.)
  • Gulf Wind (New Orleans-Jacksonville)
  • Piedmont Limited (New York-New Orleans)
  • Southland (Detroit-Tampa and St. Petersburg)
  • South Wind (Chicago-Miami)
  • Cresent (New York-New Orleans in conjunction with the Southern Railway & West-Point Route.)
  • Hummingbird (Cincinnati-New Orleans)
  • Pan-American (Cincinnati-New Orleans)
Louisville & Nashville Remembered-

CSX AC44CW #323 shows the "old style" Louisville & Nashville logo. CSX had recently started putting its predecessor railroad's logos on their locomotives in 2015. Photo taken from heritageunits.com.