Written by: Cody Wittenmyer

January 2016 Edition

Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway

Dates of Operation: 1851-1957 (106 years)

The Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Railway, (Reporting Marks: N.C.&St.L.) was the original "Dixie Line" with their more-used motto: "To and from Dixieland." It was originally named the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, when it was chartered on December 11, 1845. The N.C.&St.L was the successor of the Western & Atlantic Railway (Reporting Marks: W&A) and the predecessor of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. (Reporting Marks: L&N) The L&N's motto became "The Dixie Line". The L&N merged with the Seaboard Coast Line in the creation of the railroad that was known as "Family Lines" or "SCL/L&N". That railroad had changed its name to the Seaboard System, which merged with the Chessie System in the forming of what is present-day CSX Transportation.

Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Passenger Trains-
  • Dixie Express
  • Dixie Flyer
  • Dixie Limited
  • Dixieland (winter season only until the early 1950s)
  • Dixiana
  • Dixie Flagler (ran every third day; later renamed the Dixieland)
The railroad became known as the "Dixie Line" due to their passenger trains.

N.C.&St.L F7A (& F7B) hauling the "Dixie Flyer". (Picture from RailPictures.Net.)

One of the most-popular N.C.&St.L. Steam Locomotives is in preservation today. A 4-8-4 "Northern" type, however that specific wheel arrangement was only called a "northern" because of the Northern Pacific Railway, the first railroad to have this type of arrangement. The Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis employees called these locomotives "dixies" instead of "northerns". This is locomotive #576, the "Yellow Jacket" as it once wore a yellow-colored jacket, protecting the drivers. Due to the work of maintenance it needed, the jacket was removed and now only wears a yellow stripe. It sits in "Centennial Park", Nashville, Tennessee.

(Picture taken from ncstl.com.)