Written by: Cody Wittenmyer

February 2015 Edition

Happy Birthday SARRMC!

This is the first "Cody's Crosstie" posted on the new Swanton Area Railroad & Model Club website. This article is a "how-to" article on building of model trains, scenery, buildings, weathering, etc. in three different types of scales: N, HO, & O (Lionel). It is also an article of background information and history on certain railroads that I may discuss during a certain month, or it may just be an article of my personal opinion about something "Railroady". So sit back, relax, read, and enjoy!

This month's article I will be discussing the background information and history of the "Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio" (GM&O) railroad.

Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio

Information from: Wikipedia

The Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad (reporting marks GM&O) was a Class I railroad in the central United States.

The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O) was incorporated in Mississippi on November 10, 1938, to acquire the properties of the Mobile & Ohio railroad (reporting marks M&O) and Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad (GM&N). It acquired the M&O through foreclosure sale on August 1, 1940, and was consolidated with the GM&N on September 13, 1940. The new railroad extended from New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama, north to St. Louis.

Passenger Service Train Names-
  • Alton Limited (later The Limited): Chicago-St. Louis
  • Abraham Lincoln: Chicago-St. Louis
  • Ann Rutledge: Chicago-St. Louis
  • Midnight Special: Chicago-St. Louis
  • Night Hawk: St. Louis-Kansas City
  • Prairie State Express: St. Louis-Chicago
  • The Mail: Chicago-St. Louis

Preservation of the Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio Railroad-
  • GM&O caboose #2867: displayed in a park south of Rienzi, Mississippi.
  • GM&O caboose #2951: displayed in downtown Madison, Missouri.
  • GM&O caboose #2954: re-numbered by ICG as #199044, Monticello Railway Museum, Monticello, Illinois.
  • GM&O caboose #2994: displayed at the Corinth depot.
  • GM&O caboose #2997: displayed in downtown Booneville, Mississippi.
  • GM&O RS-1 #1052: currently serving as Catskill Mountain Railroad #401
  • GM&O SD40 #950: first SD40, donated to the Monticello Railway Museum, Monticello, Illinois. (currently in IC livery as #6071)
  • GM&O GP35 #631: owned by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
  • GM&O parlor-observation #5998: from the 1935 "Abraham Lincoln", Museum of Transportation, St. Louis.
  • GM&O Pullman "Judge Milton Brown": uses by American Family Radio, Casey Jones Village, Jackson, Tennessee.
  • GM&O #425 in use by the Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad, Port Clinton, Pennsylvania.
  • GM&O F3 #800A: displayed as Seaboard Air Line #4033, Gold Coast Railroad Museum, Miami, Florida.
GM&O PARLOR CAR #2008, is currently located on rt.46 east in Belvidere NJ as part of what is now a closed restaurant and is unfortunately being left neglected and forgotten about.

The Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio Railroad was absorbed by the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. (IC)